uSharity acts as a social enterprise, bridging the gap between businesses and charities and not-for-profit organizations within your community. We take care of the administration, allocating the funding and all of the headaches so donors can rest assured that there donations are making a difference and charities can focus on what’s important, the cause.

Our Campaigns

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The Skills Exchange: Sydney Event

  DO YOU HAVE A TECH OR IT PROBLEM THAT NEEDS SOLVING?     REGISTER FOR OUR SYDNEY EVENT NOW!   Telco Together is excited to announce The Skills Exchange  is returning with a Sydney event on Tuesday 22nd November. This ‘speed dating’ style event will provide charities with an opportunity to pitch their IT, software, hardware or communications technology problems to a room of skilled specialists who are willing to provide short-term

The 2016 Breast Cancer Charity Ball

The first year’s uSharity Charity Ball will raise funding for The theme “ Breast Cancer Awareness” aligning to its “Local Restaurants Come Together to Help Fight Breast Cancer” campaign started on October 2015. Money raised from the campaign and night will go to uSharity’s' 2016 Charity Follow The Dream Foundation which is part of the Lions Club International organisation.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (乳腺癌防治月)

To mark the beginning of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, uSharity joins the Global Business Exchange, iMeal & Sydney Inner West Leos Club to help put an end to breast cancer.

How it Works

Our goal is to help charties get extra money for their cause, while building long term relationships with new corporate donors.

Finding the Right Cause

Work directly with the uSharity team to find what cause or charity best suits your business's needs

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Building Relationships

Once we have selected the right charity for your business, we tell the world. Charities that meet that criteria can then apply to get the extra funding they need.

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This is the fun part! Once we have built a successful relationship between your business and a charity, its time to start giving!

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Donation Outcome

With uSharity's post donation reporting, find out how your donation made a difference.

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Why uSharity?

  • Lack of Funding

    Although billions of dollars are donated by Australia business each year, small-to-medium sized charities struggle for funding because often lack the marketing and outreach that the larger charities possess

  • Building Long Term Relationships

    Businesses often don’t have the time and resources to search for a more relevant charity that aligns with their business’s mission. We will help businesses and government locate and connect with local, small-to-medium charities within their industry or community to build long-term relationships

  • The Need for Transparency

    Australian’s want to know where their money is going. When a donation is given, every dollar should be accountable and donors should specifically know how their contributions have helped

uSharity bridges the gap between businesses and charities in the community.

We create amazing experiences for our clients. Want to try us?

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